Innovative Learning Week Awards

As part of my work at Edinburgh University, I'm the curator of Innovative Learning Week - a festival of creative learning.  With nearly 300 events in the week and over 5,000 tickets registered - this is a big operation.  While it's been a challenging road to reshape ILW and improve it's brand over the past year - it's been an extremely rewarding one to work on, especially since my team is so great.

Over the years, one of my favourite ways to celebrate good work and tell the story of events is to organise a series of awards recognising the hard work behind the scenes.  This year, we launched the first ever ILW Awards for event organisers & School Coordinators involved in ILW. With nearly 240 nominations, I'd say we made a good decision to open up this space.

You can read more about the winners here but I'd say Mihaela Bodlovic's pictures speak a thousand words.