Find your Go Jo Mojo

Go Jo 2.jpg

After months and months of planning, we launched Innovative Learning Week this week - our festival of creative learning at the University of Edinburgh. In addition to curating a programme of over 250 events, we were also supporting quite a few workshops bringing staff and students together to explore innovation & learning.  Thanks to some electronic bikes and a fantastic team - we finished up on Friday and our numbers and feedback are looking great.

After a week of hauling lego, playdo, countless ILW newpspapers & pull up banners around town and feeling like I'm getting too old for this - sometimes you just need to take a day off, connect with some good friends, do your laundry & clean your floors, and go on some long therapeutic runs.

All the while, basking in the idea that you built something great alongside some great people. That's GoJo mojo.